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Ambulance (For OPD/Hospital visit)

New Unique Ambulance will be same as it is in Photos.

By one call to UNIQUE HoMe Healthcare Service (UMHS), Karachiites can avail facility of Ambulance - A state of art with experienced Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), capacity to check blood sugars, observing oxygen saturation, heart rate and measuring Blood pressure along with autoloader stature.

UMHS also facilitates patients to get MRI (MRA/MRV), Cardiac CT Angiogram/ Calcium scoring images at discounted rates with the latest state of art Machines from one of the leading Health Imaging diagnostic center of Karachi.

What We Offer Under This Service

New Unique Ambulance will be same as it is in Photos.

Unique State-of-the-art Ambulances on single call we send with EMT for patients from Home to OPD or from Hospital to Home or sick, injured people to hospital.

We also take are Covid-19 (Corona) Pateints

Unique Ambulance is for medical emergencies services, and it is Private

Unique Ambulance is medically fully equipped for transports patients for treatment facilities.

Unique is 24x7 fastest Emergency Ambulance Service for Karachi City Sindh, Pakistan, equipped to handle most complex emergencies, it is non-AC

On Single Call Unique State-of-the-art Ambulances with EMT for Patients from Home to OPD or from Hospital to Home.
We also take are Covid-19 (Corona) Patients

Our Skilled Certified Experienced Staff will be available in Ambulance for any kind of Emergency medical help with first add box (Emergency Bag, Life Care)

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An ambulance is a medically equipped vehicle which transports patients to treatment facilities, such as hospitals. Typically, out-of-hospital medical care is provided to the patient. Ambulances are used to respond to medical emergencies by emergency medical services

Call us 0346-3867657 for Unique Medical healthcare service at home

Reference of source Wikipedia and Goolge Wikipedia Healthcare Wikipedia Healthcare in Karachi Wikipedia Healthcare in Pakistan its all about Home health care services at home for all kind of patients they can not visit Hospital need assistance at home, care help checkup test etc

List of Hospital Services that we offer for Home patients in Karachi are: Home Nursing service, All Laboratory Tests, Visiting Doctor, X-Ray (XRay), Nurse for home, Covid19 Test, Blood Test, ECG, Nasal, Tracheal, Urine, Stool, ABGs, Arterial Blood Gases,Orthopedic Surgeon, Cardiologist, General Physician visit home, Nasogastric feeding, Wound dressing, Catheterization for urine live, cauterization Maintenance of intravenous line (I/V Canula), Intravenous infusion(antibiotics /fluids), Intramuscular injection (I/m injection), Nasogastric tube insertion (NG Tube). Portable Diagnostic Services

Naveen Kumar Google Profile
Naveen Kumar - Jun, 2024
Its very amazing service. The service name is Unique and their work is also unique ✌🏻
Greesh Kumar Google Profile
Greesh Kumar - Jun, 2024
Awesome! Thanks UNIQUE Home Healthcare for facilitating for my mother
Syed Salman Ali Zaidi Google Profile
Syed Salman Ali Zaidi - Jun, 2024
My experience regarding ultrasound was very good and feel myself comfortable with team.