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Stool Test sample from Home

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The stool may be examined for hidden (occult) blood, fat, meat fibers, bile, white blood cells, and sugars called reducing substances. The pH of the stool also may be measured. A stool culture is done to find out if bacteria may be causing an infection.

Call us 0346-3867657 for Unique Medical healthcare service at home

Reference of source Wikipedia and Goolge Wikipedia Healthcare Wikipedia Healthcare in Karachi Wikipedia Healthcare in Pakistan its all about Home health care services at home for all kind of patients they can not visit Hospital need assistance at home, care help checkup test etc

List of Hospital Services that we offer for Home patients in Karachi are: Home Nursing service, All Laboratory Tests, Visiting Doctor, X-Ray (XRay), Nurse for home, Covid19 Test, Blood Test, ECG, Nasal, Tracheal, Urine, Stool, ABGs, Arterial Blood Gases,Orthopedic Surgeon, Cardiologist, General Physician visit home, Nasogastric feeding, Wound dressing, Catheterization for urine live, cauterization Maintenance of intravenous line (I/V Canula), Intravenous infusion(antibiotics /fluids), Intramuscular injection (I/m injection), Nasogastric tube insertion (NG Tube). Portable Diagnostic Services

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Zain Karimi - Jun, 2024
Thank you for your services and timely response, My cousin feeling well.
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Greesh Kumar - Jun, 2024
Best home medical service
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Dr.Gotam Kumar - Jun, 2024
My 67 year old mother had diagnosed metastatic (adenocarcinoma) in karachi and corona cases are also increasing in khi so I want treat my mother at home my friend refer to unique home health care and unique team provide me following services at home . They provide female attendant , 24 hous ambulance service for patient movement and in case of emergency, wheel chair, bed monitor for measuring bp oxygen saturation , on call doctors and also took portable ecg and blood transfusion service at home . Thanks to unique home health care team they qualified and professional medical staff.